Find a Better Way

Can you find a way to do things faster?

                            On a hot summer day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1907, Ole Evinrude rowed his sweetheart, Bessie, to an island for a picnic. Once on shore, Bessie told him she wanted some ice cream. Evinrude rowed two miles back to shore for her ice cream but by the time he rowed back to the island, the ice cream had melted. He knew there had to be a faster way to move a boat through the water.

After he married Bessie, Evinrude set to work building the first outboard motor in his workshop. His motor design became the most successful boat motor of his time.

Content courtesy of the Ah Ha! Discovery Deck, developed by John Cronin at the ipCapital Group to help inventors solve real-world problems.

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