Fred Dufresne

Fred DuFresne is an inventor and entrepreneur with expertise in software, intellectual property and technical medicine.  He holds more than a dozen patents around the world.

In 1994, Fred invented the technology behind server-side scripting in web sites and his company WebMate Technologies was subsequently awarded US Patent 5835712.  By early 2000, WebMate Technologies had dissolved and Fred was able to re-acquire the ‘712 patent during a court-ordered auction.

Fred began to defend his patent rights and filed actions in US Federal District Court against a number of large companies, including Microsoft, Allaire Corp., Adobe, Macromedia and others.   He also filed actions in the Canadian courts on similar grounds.  The last of these actions was successfully settled in 2010.

Today, this technology can be found in Microsoft’s ASP framework, Oracle’s JSP platforms and all “open source” PHP and LAMP based products.  Worldwide, server-side scripting technology can now be found on eight out of every ten web sites.

Fred also has extensive experience in the healthcare and medical device fields. In particular, he developed cancer treatment regimen administrative support tools, drug interaction detection systems and an intravenous device selector. Fred was the principal inventor for US patent 6012034, titled “System and method for selecting an intravenous device.” This technology is now incorporated in most patient care systems.

Fred has received significant industry accolades, including the following:

  • Network Computing Editor’s Choice Award
  • Named “One of the most influential people on the Internet” by Interactive Week
  • Recognized by the Open Invention Network as a Distinguished Inventor for his development of server-side scripting.

In 1974, Fred became the youngest instructor in Data Processing for Johnson and Wales University in Providence, where he received an award from the student-led Data Processing Association for dedication to the department

Fred has also spoken and written about the early web extensively. His published work includes: “The Internet and Your Business – Making Money on the Superhighway” (1994) and “Providing Public Services on the Superhighway” (1995).

Fred founded and developed numerous companies including Interactive Systems, Inc. in 1976, Knowledge Based Technologies, WebMate Technologies and, Inc. in the 1990’s and the Canadian company CeriNet in 2002.

He currently serves on the advisory board of Augme Technologies Inc., the leading company in mobile marketing.  He is also an advisor to the ipCapital Licensing Company, based in Vermont.

Fred holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, with Honors from Boston State College.

He spent his early years as an active Boy Scout and earned his Eagle in 1966. A Massachusetts native, Fred now lives in Virginia.