Apple Proves U.S. Patent System Actually Works with Samsung Tablet Patent Injunction

Today it was announced that a California federal court has blocked the sale of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States. This is a surprise to most observers – myself included.  A preliminary injunction in the patent world is a rarity. Not many have a case strong enough to justify asking, and beyond that, not many are granted even if requested.

Apple has secured one against Samsung in their ongoing legal battle, and it will halt the sale of the Galaxy Tab. I am impressed, and I am pleased for Apple and its shareholders. Apple has long lead the way in both technological innovation and patent enforcement.  This is not a coincidence.

Apple has created an entire new market with the iPad, and they have managed to become a viable threat to the PC industry as a whole. If any company has a responsibility to defend its position, it would be Apple. Clearly they are doing just that, and just as clearly they are being effective on a worldwide basis.

So why are they being called a troll? Apple is as far from a patent troll as any company can be.  They make real products and therefore have a real need for IP protection. Additionally, they have spent millions of dollars to obtain thousands of patents covering the design and function of their products.  They are using the patent system just the way it was designed.

Some have claimed that the patent system stifles innovation.  In this case though, it’s being used to protect and enhance the value of an incredibly innovative company, with a game-changing product.

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