Facebook’s New 750 Weapons of War

Patents used to represent inventions and actual advances in one area of technology or another.  They still do, of course, but now they also serve as weapons of war.

Last week, Facebook lined up some new heavy weapons when they purchased 750 patents from IBM.   “They need to have some weapons in their own arsenal,” said Thomas Scott, a lawyer at Goodwin Procter LLP in Washington, in an interview last week, making it clear that Facebook is at war with Yahoo, and weapons are defiantly on the agenda.

IBM is the real story here, quietly becoming one of the biggest war mongers and supplying large caliber weaponry to both Facebook and Google. IBM has long been accumulating patents, and is still making more.  In fact, they received 6,128 patents last year alone.

By focusing on patents in large numbers, IBM has been able to profit from the war while staying above the fight.  They have focused on patents as products, and it’s working.  They manufacture and sell patents, bringing profit directly to the bottom line.

If you are looking for a company that does right by its shareholders with its IP, look no further than IBM.

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