Yahoo Takes Aim At Facebook

Is intellectual property important in today’s world? You bet it is, and the folks over at Yahoo know it. They recently issued a statement reminding Facebook, and the rest of us, just how important their patents really are.

It’s important to note that Yahoo was one of the first Internet companies when they were founded in 1994. Since then they have accumulated more than 1,000 patents. Someone must have told them early on that they were in a new and important industry.

Yahoo is also taking some criticism over their desire to “extract” money from Facebook for use of their inventions. The Yahoo shareholders should expect, and perhaps demand, that Yahoo make extensive use of its early stature on the Internet. Yahoo’s portfolio, after all, has already earned them more than $1.3 billion in just what they got from Google.

My bet is that one day Facebook will be a patent force of its own. They already own 11 issued patents in the U.S., and have more than 20 published applications. They have more than 50 applications worldwide.

Clearly, patents are important. Facebook is just getting started.

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