Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was always this larger-than-life, mythical figure to me. His inventions at Apple were extraordinary and his mark on consumer technology will be felt for generations to come.

But his passing has special meaning to me for other reasons. I was always impressed with how bravely he battled pancreatic cancer over the years. He would show up at events and carry on with good spirit and determination. When I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2007, I knew that it would be important for me to forge ahead and share my ideas and my knowledge with others. I took from Mr. Jobs’ battle a sense of renewed purpose and vigor to be the most creative and upbeat person I could be.

For those of us who see Mr. Jobs as a god of technology, we suffer the loss of his potential. But there’s no loss at what he gave us. I have regular reminders of his impact with my iPhone and the three iPads in my house.

We read about Thomas Edison growing up; now we’ll learn about Steve Jobs. Without a doubt, his influence will continue to guide Apple and shape how human beings think forever.

That’s one big legacy.

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